Straight Forward, Easy Process

Ellis handled my son's case with clarity and ease.

....Ellis with his experience was able to secure a no-point solution

Ellis was straight forward, described clearly the possible outcomes for the case and was able to secure a positive outcome. Was facing 4 points for speeding, but Ellis with his experience was able to secure a no-point solution. I am very extremely pleased the way he resolved my issue. To have an attorney like Ellis on your side is a win-win situation. Highly recommend

Quick, Pertinent Info Delivered

I contacted another Atty in the area 4 times, who claimed to attend each case personally -- never heard back from him. Ellis understood my frustration, got to the core of my challenge & was able to uncover the right information quickly. I would have still been in the dark, waiting for another "to personally handle my case". Thanks, Ellis!

Ellis responded to my calls with prompt and professional service.

I was pulled over for a speeding violation on I-95, in Bucks County by the Pennsylvania State Police in late January of 2012. I was clocked at 28 miles over the speed limit. I was looking at 5 points added to my license.

I've used Ellis in the past for another Speeding ticket over 3 years ago. Ellis responded to my calls with prompt and professional service. As promised, he was able to reduce the points, saving me hundreds on my car insurance.

Above and Beyond

I contacted Mr. Klein in regards to a legal matter in which I thought I was wrongly accused by law enforcement. After discussing the matter with Mr. Klein I felt very confident in hiring him and his firm to represent me in this matter. Like any other new relationship I was not sure Mr. Klein could do everything he said he would be able to but I still felt, after talking to other attorneys that he would be the most likely to achieve a positive outcome with the greatest possibility of success for my case. My instincts prove to be right about Mr. Klein in his handling of my case as he delivered everything he promised. Further, Mr. Klein went above and beyond in his duties as my attorney when I had the unfortunate experience of having to handle a family medical emergency directly before my case with to court and Mr. Klein had to handle all of that as well. Regardless Mr. Klein took care of everything and handled my case perfectly! In the future if and when the need for legal representation surfaces I will be highering Mr. Klein and his firm again as well as referring them to all of my friends who may have legal needs as well!

Mr. Klein was able to meet all of my expectations.

Mr. Klein was able to meet all of my expectations. He was able to negotiate my ticket down and that was due to his prior knowledge of the district court where my case was being heard. He also had prior interaction with the officer, which helped. He kept me informed on what to expect, which helped. I would highly recommend Mr. Klein.

Made me feel I was in good hands.

Ellis has represented me two times. I felt I was in good hands each time. He was extremely knowledgable and trustworthy. He took the time to inform me of all the aspects of the case, how they would affect me, and what my best options were. I would recommend him to anyone in need of good legal help.

Great Defense Lawyer

He was very professional and upfront, told me exactly what to expect, promptly returned any calls, was affordable, was knowledgeable, had a great reputation, was highly reccomended, and was very helpful overall.

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